Meleta Firebrand


Race: Ifrit (Not known to anyone herself included)
Age: 19
Height: 5’8"
Weight: 108 lbs
Hair color: Red (at times appearing almost burning)
Eye color: Red
Skin color: Tanned (almost bronze in color)
Unique feature: 2 small horns on her forehead
Attire: Red and gold robes (slightly revealing)
Weapon: Quarter Staff


Born to a minor noble woman in the town of Mallowmage Meleta had never met her father. Being born in the town of Mallowmage her odd appearance of flaming red hair, red eyes and small horns was largely over looked by many of the towns poncy rich folk who just assumed it to be either magic or just some new fashion statement. Her life was mostly normal and happy until her mother fell ill and died shortly after her tenth birthday. She was then left in the care of her rather emotionally distant uncle, who saw her as nothing more then a burden left by his flirtatious sister. Over the next 2 years Meleta’s natural inborn magical powers, specifically over fire, would begin to assert themselves. After several mysterious fires her uncle soon grew tired of caring for her and shipped her away to an orphanage in Belwick. While her appearance didn’t effect people’s view of her in Mallowmage, that wasn’t true for the people of Belwick. Meleta quickly found herself ostracized by the other children, all save one. Jeygen Ebonblade was a child left at the orphanage from the age of 3 and while his appearance and strange powers had left him outcast as well Jeygen had accepted his status as a pariah and chose to be one. Seeing someone who was similarly rejected by the other kids, but not wanting to be, Jeygen quickly offered Meleta his friendship. Over the rest of their time at the orphanage the two would become inseparable. As the two became friends Jeygen would reveal his past to Meleta as well as his guardian the dragoniod Keishu. It was from Keishu that Meleta would learn more about her past and the truth of her birth. Keishu told her that she was like Jeygen, and not a true denizen of this world but had the blood of someone or something from outside the world of Adisam. That this was the reason why the magics of fire would bend so easily to her wishes and why she looked so different from the others. Armed for the first time in her life with the knowledge of who she was and with what she could call her first real friend Meleta began to show confidence in herself, bolstered by her growing into a beautiful woman. Her growth into adolescents would bring about many suitors from the other kids at the orphanage, and enough some of the men in town. Yet every time Meleta would refuse their advances and say that she was already seeing someone. As she grew in age so did her powers over magic and eventually she would be offered a scholarship at the Tobblepots Academy of Liberal Adventuring Arts. Hesitant to leave behind her only friend Meleta at first turned down the offer. Though after encouragement from Jeygen, and the chance to not only find out more about the race of her father but to find out more about Jeygen’s people as well, Meleta would eventually accept the offer on the condition that Jeygen would come to the Academy as well once he was able to. After a year at Tobblepots Meleta would quickly realize that most people in the Mage House saw her as nothing more then an obstacle to be conquered in the bedroom, although after severely burning the crotches of the first few to try most have learned to leave her be. While slightly upset at Jeygen’s choice to be in Rogue House putting some distant between the two she is quite happy to be able to see her friend once again, and was become some what possessive over him when it comes to other women.

Meleta Firebrand

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