Koda Wildwhimsy

Barbarian Rogue


Race: Gnome
Age: 40
Height: 3’4"
Weight: 39 lbs
Hair color: Orange
Eye color: Red
Skin color: Earthly Brown
Attire: Black cloak with darkened leather armor and a brown undershirt and pants.
Weapon: Gnome Hooked Hammer


The Whimsy clan known for their expertise in gadgeteering and tinkering. Their contraptions and devices have carved out a small fortune for their family, with each generation carrying on the proud tradition of excellence and inventions. Then there was Koda. Being the fifth born of his family, Koda never felt as compelled to tinker and invent as his siblings. Most of his childhood was spent frequenting the local inn to listen to the tales told by the wandering adventurers. The stories of goblin slaying, treasure seeking and bloody battle thrilled the small gnome more than any gear, sprocket or concoction. The tales of one such adventurer in particular, a Barbarian known as “Bloodmane” piqued the child’s interest. The barbarian would frequent the inn often and regale the small gnome with his tales and exploits. Often stroking his crimson beard which he was so aptly named after, he would spend hours filling the gnomes mind with stories of vaults and epic conquests. When the gnome’s excitement could no longer be sedated by the stories of the adventurers, young Koda decided that he too would study in the arts of adventuring, much to his parent’s dismay. Cultivating his bloodlust against the local cat and gadget populations, Koda’s parents tried hard to suppress the young gnome’s wanderlust with no avail. Eventually, Koda’s father relented his stance and applied for Koda to attend Tobblepot’s Academy of Liberal Adventuring. Much to Koda’s father’s delight, the price of tuition was much less than the cost of replacing the broken equipment that Koda would practice on. Wanting to ensure their son’s safety, they bought him a Gnome Hooked Hammer and sent him on his way with hopes that an education in the dangers of adventuring would return young Koda as a more tame gnome. Koda looked forward to his enrollment with glee, for this was the first challenge on his path to greatness. Soon, the world would learn the name of Koda, Wildwhimsy! Koda’s training began in the School of Hard Knocks, but the Academy requires all students to become “well rounded” adventurers. Seeing as his acceptance into both the mage and cleric houses were denied on the grounds of “LaBiaCS” (Letting a Bull into a China Shop), Koda turned to rogue house to finish his secondary classes.

Koda Wildwhimsy

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