Dragon Bodyguard


Race: Shade Dragon
Age: Unknown several centuries
Height: 8’3" (Current summon strength)
Weight: 437 lbs (Current summon strength)
Eye color: Crimson red
Skin color: Black scales
Current summon appearance: Bipedal dragonoid creature
Weapon: 6 ft Nodachi


Keishu is a member of an ancient race that dwells deep within the shadow realms of Akkus. Long ago this race made a pact with a noble house of Akkus, named the Ebonblades, to bind there powers to theirs and act as guardians and servants to the Ebonblades. Keishu was the being chosen to watch over Jeygen Ebonblade the youngest in the Ebonblade line. Being bound directly to Jeygen’s magical powers Keishu could only watch helplessly as the other noble houses of Akkus destroyed the Ebonblades, unable to do anything to try and save his master. It wasn’t until Jeygen was eight years old that Keishu would first be able to be summoned to defend his tatsujin. Jeygen often found himself ridiculed and sometimes beaten by the other kids at the orphanage he was growing up in. It was during one such beating that Keishu’s rage finally reached its limits and he was able to use what little magic his master had to summon himself in his master’s side albeit at very little of his true strength. Fighting off the children who were tormenting Jeygen Keishu’s rage finally subsided and he drifted back to the shadows, but the barriers had been shattered and Jeygen could now hear Keishu in his thoughts. Over the next few years Keishu would do all that he could to help Jeygen in his pursuit to find out who he was and how to control the powers that he had. It was from Keishu that Jeygen would learn Aklo the language of his people, and if was from Keishu that he would receive the blade he wields the last remainder of the once great Ebonblade clan.


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