Jeygen Ebonblade

Fetchling Rogue/Shadow Caller


Race: Kayal (Fetchling)
Age: 18
Height: 5’11"
Weight: 112 lbs
Hair color: White
Eye color: Yellow (pupilless)
Skin color: Pale ashen
Attire: Gray cloak with black trimmings leather armor
Weapon: 1’6" Wakizashi


Born in the world of Akkus, Jeygen Ebonblade was the youngest in an ancient line of Shadow Callers. Gifted with the rare ability to summon and command powerful beings from the very depths of Akkus’s shadowy realm of existence. The Ebonblades had held a position of power and nobility in the world of Akkus for centuries until the other ruling houses, having grown fearful of the power that the Ebonblades held, decided to end the possible threat once and for all. Over the course of a single night all the lands that the Ebonblades held were destroyed and almost all the members of the Ebonblade house were killed. In an attempt to save their lives Jeygen’s sister, a powerful mage, tried to teleport the two of them away to safety, but was serious hurt before she could finish everything necessary to transport them to where she had planned. Instead the spell brought them to the world of Adisam, and to the town of Belwick. Mere moments from death Jeygen’s sister sought refuge for her brother in what would fortunately turn out to be the town orphanage. Left orphaned at the age of 3 Jeygen had no way of knowing why he was so different from the other children living at the orphanage. It wasn’t until he was eight years old that we would begin to understand just what he was and what he was capable of doing. Jeygen found himself being constantly picked on by the other children for his white hair, ashen colored skin, and odd yellow eyes. It was during one such tormenting, that turned physical, that Jeygen’s shadow turned into that of a small bipedal dragon and defended him from the assault of the older kids chasing them away before turning back to normal. As Jeygen grew older he learned how to control and call the strange creature that protected him earlier in his childhood. Calling himself Keishu, the creature told Jeygen what he was and answered what he could about his past. Jeygen spend the next 4 years mostly left alone by not only the kids but the caretakers as well, out of fear of what the boy could be, until the arrival of a child almost as strange and foreign as himself. Meleta Firebrand, a last name she would later give herself, was brought to the orphanage, from Mallowmage, being abandoned by her uncle after several fires were believed to be caused by her. Meleta’s oddly captivating red hair, bronze skin, and small horns along with rumors that it was her that caused the fires in Mallowmage quickly left Meleta outcast from the other kids and any family that might possible look to adopt her. It was then that Jeygen seeing someone similarly left abandoned by others like himself befriended her. The two quickly grew inseparable and would spend the rest of there time at the orphanage together. Jeygen would spend the rest of his years at the orphanage learning how to master the powers of his heritage and watched over by Keishu. When Jeygen turned sixteen he was able to maintain Keishu’s presence at almost all times and was able to summon him at much more of his actually strength. It was then that Keishu gave to him the blade that he now wields, the only memento of his father. Two years later Jeygen would then apply to the Tobblepots Academy of Liberal Adventuring Arts seeking more training on the powers he had and any knowledge of his home plane. When shown what the house for those perusing the magical arts was and that most of the students there were really nothing more then douchebags Jeygen quickly changed his major to that of Rogue House. Although he doesn’t show much interest in the classes and spends most of his free time practicing his magical skills.

Jeygen Ebonblade

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